is life saving and is the procedure of choice.

Previously past patients who suffered a particular type of heart attack known as a STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction) were given thrombolysis – clot-busting drugs – but trials has shown that using angioplasty as the primary treatment for heart attack patients reduces complications and improves recovery rates.

Time is muscle


The quicker this treatment is carried out the less damage there is likely to be to the heart and the quicker the recovery time for the patient.


Very critical cases may need the a temporary pacemaker implantation if the heart beat slows to critically low levels and may need the placement of Intra aortic balloon pumps, if the patient develops cardiogenic shock or very low blood pressures as a part of the heart attack.


The procedure itself, carries a small risk of death and other complications, but is lower than the risk from the heart attack itself.